Qui sommes-nous ?

Nowadays, we request taxis in one click with Uber, we purchase music in one click with iTunes and we also find love in one click with Tinder. However, to purchase a plain white t-shirt you have to go through 8 painful steps : add to basket, confirm basket, create an account, establish a username and a password, chose a delivery method, confirm delivery address, pay and validate payment with 3DS. In a nutshell, it takes far too long.

At Oyst, our mission is to simplify online shopping. We believe that e-commerce should provide the ability for online shoppers to purchase what they want, when they want, in no more than one click. No need for usernames and passwords or any other information.

This technology has been developed by Oyst. One magic button which enables 1 click purchases from any online merchant on any webpage. Easy ! After close to 3 years of R&D and only 6 months in operation, we are already assisting hundreds of online merchants. Initially commercialized in 2018 in France, Oyst is preparing the launch of the UK and USA markets for 2019.

Oyst won the Innovation Award at Vivatech 2018 (from LVMH. 60 sec video here). We are looking for talent (native english speakers) to accompany our international development.

What does it look like?

  1. French video example of the sign-up checkout (first purchase with Oyst - length : 49 seconds)
  2. French video example of a 1-click purchase (every other purchases after the initial one - length : 28 seconds)
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